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Thermo Fogger Company manufactures fog and smoke generators used for pest control for ground and flying insects...

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Electric Start Mobile Thermo Fogger
Model 3904ES

This Thermo Fogger is powerful enough for the big jobs, but can still be operated by one person. Oil based formulations are converted into an insect killing fog at the rate of about 192,000 cubic feet per minute. The unit has its own 1 5 gallon steel formulation tank and is also equipped with remote manual controls, permitting starting and stopping the fog from the cab of a vehicle. Because of a two-stage heating system, degradation of heat sensitive insecticides is not a problem. The Model 3904 is especially suited for large parks, factories, golf courses and municipalities with mosquito abatement programs.


  • Electric start, low maintenance Briggs & Stratton engine
  • Smooth & quiet running
  • Easy start recoil auxiliary
  • Adjustable output and micron size
  • Remote truck cab control included
  • Flameless
  • One year limited warranty
  • Formulation Filter - cleanable One man operation

Specifications - Mobile Thermo Fogger Model 2107
EngineBriggs & Stratton Heavy duty, 4-cycle
Horsepower13 h.p., O.H.V.
FuelLead-free gasoline
Type Unit Thermal Fogger: using oil-based formulations
Heating Principle Two-stage Turbo Fogger
First Stage: "Friction-disc" that pre-heats oil based insecticide
Second Stage: exposure to hot exhaust air blast
Formulation Output Controllable: 0-25 gallons per hour
(Dry fog, 16 gallons per hour)
Fog Particle Size Controllable: 0-50 microns
Flameless low temperature
Fuel Tank Capacity 1 gallon
Formulation Tank Capacity 15 gallons
(Accessible, extra-large fill area reduces spillage)
Engine Running Time 1 hours
StarterElectric and manual, recoil
Weight226 pounds
Shipping Weight Approximately 241 pounds
Shipping Dimensions (L)42" (H)30" (W)23" (Cu. Ft.) 16.8'

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